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Concept tao Famelí spa

The idea for our spa grew out of the need to offer treatments and applications, which have a balancing and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul. The aim is to lead to the flow of inner strength, a path, the beginning of a journey to oneself and to the awareness of the own ego.
Our massages reflect the approach taken by many Eastern disciplines, where the body is not separate from the mind, but rather viewed as part of the whole.
The focus is not on the pain, but on addressing the origin of that pain, which is often – unbeknownst to us – located in a distant place.
For us, massage is a way to balance the opposing strengths that reside within every human being.
The equilibrium between Yin and Yang.
Every individual part is seen in relation to the whole. There is no separation between parts of the body, there is no separation between the interior and exterior realms, between body and soul.
Have faith, close your eyes and give your body the floor while your mind takes flight, far away… as if in deep meditation.
The interview with our massage therapist is a fundamental and integral part of the treatment itself, but then all you have to do is let yourself go and let your senses do the work.
For us, giving a Tao massage means being prepared to listen to ourselves in a different way, through silence and the breath, just like the way a plant takes in oxygen to rise up to meet the light.
Silence is a fundamental part of listening to our inner world and is reflected in the balance we have with the outer world.
Beauty already resides inside of you, you just have to nourish it, and we are here, present, to listen to it.

Break away from your routine, turn off your phone and you will feel something change inside of you if you respect the silence.

We await you with immense joy at our Spa.

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Sauna – A smart thing to do

Regular saunas promote good health and help body, mind, and soul to relax

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Five good reasons to choose the Famelí:

Two indoor pools: One in the relaxation and spa area only for adults, and the other with sauna for the whole family
A recreational facility over 200 m² in area: A slide, climbing nets, climbing wall, hobby and drawing corner, fun, etc., etc.
Modern Dining: Service Excellence
Alternative/adventure cooking studio: Cooking and baking together with the pros.
A range of experiences, surprises, enjoyment, quality time – that's an à la carte family vacation.