Come discover the world of Famelí massages

You’ll be pampered from head to foot

Have Zuzana provide you with a skilled massage. And treat yourself to a little relaxation.
Treat yourself to a Tao massage!


Tao Treatment (80/110 Min. / 105/120 Euro)

This treatment includes a Dead Sea salt scrub, followed by a warm seaweed wrap and a massage. We have designed this treatment to be a full-body indulgence, starting with your skin and penetrating all the way through to the muscles. We will use the Shiatsu technique to help your body release its deepest points of tension and finish up with some simple positions – which we will do together – to elongate the muscles and fascia, just like in yoga. This will leave your muscles with increased flexibility and increased tone.

Biosel Bamboo Forest Ritual (80 Min. / 107 Euro)

This treatment in a magical atmosphere will let you experience an intensive sensation: Set your mind free and let it roam through the aromas of an unspoiled lush forest, while your skin is covered with the pleasantly gentle and moisturizing textures of organic bamboo essences. Natural elements connect with the shape of the body and face, glide, circulate and flow gently over your muscles and redesign your silhouette. Muscle tenseness and signs of stress will disappear, your skin will seam firm, you will feel light and refreshed, your soul once again will be full of energy and vitality.

Energy Ritual (80 Min. / 110 Euro)

This treatment is especially meant to restore your energetic balance lost to stress. It starts with an analysis of your general state of health using foot reflexology. According to the findings of this massage, we will continue to work with the lack of or accumulated energy. Shiatsu and the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls help rebalance body and soul.

Ritual of the Two Worlds (110 Min. / 140 Euro)

Orient meets Occident in this treatment: a combination of Shiatsu, the old Japanese method of treatment, and a massage with the typically Western hay and mountain herb stamps. The Shiatsu energy and the natural power of herbs revitalize body and soul. Enjoy this unique sensual experience.

Come discover the world of Famelí massages

You’ll be pampered from head to foot

Have Cristina provide you with a skilled massage. And treat yourself to a little relaxation.


For Skin and Soul

Peeling with Dead Sea Salts (25 Min. / 30 Euro)
Peeling with mountain herb salt (25 Min. / 30 Euro)
Peeling with mountain herb salt and coconut oil (25 Min / 30 Euro)


Fango Biosel for an extra boost of energy (25 Min. / 45 Euro)
Biosel wrap with seaweed (25 Min. / 45 Euro)


Anti-cellulite massage (80 Min. / 105 Euro)

This massage can be given using two different techniques: either with a lymphatic drainage or a massage of the connective tissue.
The body goes through two phases: a regenerative phase (Yang) and a drainage phase (Yin). We apply special bandages on your legs, buttocks and arms to help your body release excess fluids.
We recommend two treatments.

Anti-cellullite treatment (80 Min. / 115 Euro)

This treatment relies on nature’s energy to remove excess fluids. Dead Sea salt is especially regenerative and combined with the draining effect of seaweed, the body’s energy is quickly restored.
Soft and draining techniques are applied that activate microcirculation. You will immediately feel lighter. We recommend at least two treatments.

Famelí well-being package

Choose an individual well-being package from all our massages and applications…

Sauna – A smart thing to do

Regular saunas promote good health and help body, mind, and soul to relax

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Five good reasons to choose the Famelí:

Two indoor pools: One in the relaxation and spa area only for adults, and the other with sauna for the whole family
A recreational facility over 200 m² in area: A slide, climbing nets, climbing wall, hobby and drawing corner, fun, etc., etc.
Modern Dining: Service Excellence
Alternative/adventure cooking studio: Cooking and baking together with the pros.
A range of experiences, surprises, enjoyment, quality time – that's an à la carte family vacation.