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CLASSIC MASSAGE (full or partial body) (50 Min. / 62,00 Euro)

This is the classic Western massage. It is carried out on the whole body, as well as on individual areas, such as the legs and back. It can be used for relaxation or to break up areas of stress and tension. It is especially recommended for people who feel the need to indulge in complete relaxation, without the need to receive an excessively deep treatment. Treat yourself to some relaxation and let every little thought melt away.

Individual Massage (50 Min. / 68,00 Euro)

We decided to create a bespoke treatment to meet the needs of our guests. It allows you to combine the various techniques found in our menu to best meet your requirements. After a short interview with our massage therapist, all you will have to do is free your mind to allow your body to relax.

Drainage Massage (50 Min. / 70,00 Euro)

This massage works on superficial skin and subcutaneous tissues, and not on muscle groups. The various techniques – that are done with one or two hands on different areas of the body – are carried out in sequences that respect the flow of lymph towards the lymph nodes concerned and within a certain lymphatic area. It is especially recommended for heavy legs caused by a sluggish lymph system or the malfunctioning of lymphatic circulation.

Post - competition sport Massage (25 Min. / 36,00 Euro)

This massage is usually done after intense physical activity or strenuous sports. It aims to bring the muscles, tendons and joints back to their normal physiological state. It also offers a wide-ranging decongestant action, making tissues supple and helping to remove the toxins accumulated during exercise. This is a slow massage and the techniques are so deep that they often cause pain during the session. We do not recommend it if you have not done any physical activity or sports.

Pre-Sports/competition Massage (50 Min. / 68,00 Euro)

This massage is usually done before exercise and helps to prepare the muscles for competitions.
The techniques are mainly quick and superficial and often include simple joint mobilisation techniques or light stretching. It is especially recommended for our guests who would like to warm up their muscles in the morning before an intensive skiing session or a long walk.

Foot reflexology (25 Min. / 38,00 Euro)

This is an ancient technique that is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pressure is applied to specific areas on the foot, which correspond to the same points as in acupuncture. This helps the body recover its inner balance and stimulates its ability to self-heal. The technique states that each stimulated point on the foot corresponds to an organ, just like in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Consequently, the pressure applied to that point benefits the corresponding organ or bodily system.It is especially recommended for calming the nervous system and allowing it to feel new sensations.

Mom’s Balance Massage (50 Min. / 68,00 Euro)

Especially recommended for expectant mothers. This massage includes a combination of lymphatic drainage for the legs and an extremely gentle and relaxing massage for the face, head and neck. Our guest can decide whether to receive the massage on the classic adjustable massage table or on a comfortable Japanese futon. Only for women who are over 3 months pregnant.

Massage for children (25 Min. / 50 Euro)

The Famelí children’s massage supports the development of a good body perception and strengthens their emotional balance. This massage contributes to the children’s personality development and is a gentle way of accompanying them on their path to adulthood.

A feast for the senses (50 Min. / 84 Euro)

Indulge in a unique feast for the senses. Warm oil, the aromas of essential oils and the energy from plants and mountain herbs will set your body and soul free.

Bamboo massage (50 Min. / 85 Euro)

The most ancient oriental traditions recommend massages with bamboo to leave stress behind and to experience an extraordinary feeling of lightness. The bamboo canes are rolled and dabbed on your body, stimulating your senses and the nerve endings in your skin. The massage is draining, relaxes the connective tissues and reactivates the blood

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A very special massage!

Shiatsu NamikoshiShiatsu Namikoshi (25 Min. / 35,00 €)

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese finger pressure technique created by the master Tokujiro Namikoshi. It is based on modern anatomy and Western physiology. In Japanese „Shi“ means finger, while „Atsu“ means pressure. As its etymology would suggest, Shiatsu is a practice that is done using only the fingers and hands, without the use of equipment, and is a holistic treatment.
It is usually carried out in comfortable clothing (for example, a lightweight tracksuit).
Getting regular Shiatsu treatments helps you to discover any changes and irregularities that may manifest in your body. It greatly softens muscles and encourages the circulation of bodily liquids. Blood and lymph recover their natural flow, nourishing tissues and purifying them of toxins.
Shiatsu also works on the parasympathetic nervous system and thus is especially recommended in order to restore mental stillness disrupted by stress.

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Sauna – A smart thing to do

Regular saunas promote good health and help body, mind, and soul to relax

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Alternative/adventure cooking studio: Cooking and baking together with the pros.
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